Now, one thing about this,

Now, one thing about this, if we're talking about this kind of device, you have to be comfortable talking--touching yourself, some women aren't, so that's not going to be a good option. She doesn't have a medical reason she can't use this, but she's not comfortable touching yourself, OK?Which takes me back to the mirror in the beginning of the lecture,  Intellux I would encourage you to start looking at yourself and seeing what's there, Octal right. I do have a story behind this where one of my colleagues wasn't sure if she wanted to get pregnant and she came home one day, she was using this particular method and she found the ring on her dresser and she asked her husband, "Why is this ring on the dresser?"He said, "The dog was walking around with it in her mouth and I thought that I was on hair ties, so I just put it on the dresser. "And they had baby number three. OK, so you probably have heard about the morning-after pill. It probably it's on-- you see it in ads.