Experimental Brazilian Gateway

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We've included an experimental login gateway and list of recreation servers for South American people in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are connected on the principal Path of Exile realm, so you can log in and make use of your current figures right away. The gateway is concealed by default, but style "Brazil" in the gateway selector to test it out. We are going to make it seen and public at the time we're happy with its security and so are ready to start the area officially which has a translated version from the match. We'd wish to listen to feed-back on the general performance of this gateway. With your feedback, please tell us what South American nation you're connecting from.

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In case the latency is higher than you be expecting, make sure you run an MTR (instructions below) to br.login.pathofexile.com and let us know the outcome. We will then pass these on to ISPs to acquire them pick superior routes to your server.