Year 2015 is the time of smart technology i.e. smart phone, tablets and easy to carry other internet enabled gadgets i.e. palmtop/ laptops. All these devices are internet enabled that’s why responsive web design is no longer an option but it is the requirement.

Few eye catching facts why we need responsive web design -

Mobile Usage - Use of mobile and laptops surpass the usage of desktop for the first time in the history of 2014 in the world wide. As per one report global mobile phone data usage have been increased by 80 % from 2013 t0 2014.

Recommended by Google - Google share 67 % of search engine market share. According to one report by Google around 77 % of people use Mobile phone to do any search. Responsive Web Design is recommended because sites have same URL and same HTML, irrespective of device, which makes Google more reliable to organize content. As a website design and development company, we are aware of this nuance and our websites are created to be mobile responsive by default.

User Experience - As the competition is increasing day by day, it is of utmost importance to develop user friendly web design. As people start shifting from desktop to tablets and mobile phones, we should also strive to make the lives of our user easier by offering what they desire. As if user is not delight with the website experience, it will not return to you again. As an ecommerce development service provider, we take special care of the user interfaces for complicated websites that aims to sell products and services, so that you can build an army of loyal buyers and thus boost profit.

Device Fragmentation - When website designs were not responsive, companies used to create mobile versions of websites. Now a days we have almost countless types of Android devices with different screen size and resolutions, it is quite impossible to create mobile version for every device. That’s why 1 website for all using responsive web design.

Multi Screen World – Now days we all are surrounded by electronic devices and gadgets of different shapes and sizes. Sometime, work start on mobile phone and ends on PCs or vice versa. To assist our user with same delightful experience across all devices responsive web design is required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Google official announced that preference will be given to that website which is Mobile Friendly. That what simply means if you want to achieve good score online, you need to have a responsive website! As a premier company of web development in India, we are a champion of SEO techniques that can help your website gain traffic in no time.

Easier to Manage - If you are having separate website for desktop and mobile, which what means you need to put double effort to do the SEO Campaigns. Managing one responsive website and one SEO campaign is quite easier.

Reach to Audience - Your reach to audience will be increased almost twice if you are using Responsive web design. Probably your target customer is available on Mobile but not on desktop. Add to that some investment in low cost mobile application development which is also our forte, you get a definite edge over your competitors.

Blogging and Social Activities Bring Mobile Visitors - If you are among those inbound marketers and wish to promote your website on Social Media, building mobile phone traffic should be a key strategy as per one study 55 % of Social Media traffic comes from Mobile phone device. That simply means if you promote inbound link and you do not have responsive website, you will face very low conversion rate and it will frustrate your audience.