Table nbsp Decay rates for X ray

Table 2.
Decay rates for X-ray reflectivity measurements.SampleW:2.6W:2.8W:3.0prev. aprev. bDecay rate−5.7−5.8−5.7−6.2−6.4Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
4. Conclusion
In this AC 264613 study, the crystal quality of CDQW samples with CBAlAs/InAlAsCBAlAs/InAlAs was investigated by evaluating their PL properties and the decay rates of XRR spectra. CDQW samples with CBAlAs/InAlAsCBAlAs/InAlAs showed a narrower PL emission compared with CDQW samples with an AlAsSb barrier. The excitation power dependence of the PL intensity of CDQW sample with the CBAlAs/InAlAsCBAlAs/InAlAs also indicated its superior radiative quality. Samples containing the AlAsSb barrier were found to have Sb-related states at the interface secretion degraded PL performance. The decay rates of XRR spectra clearly indicated inferior interface quality due to Sb interdiffusion. From these experimental findings, we can conclude that CDQW samples with CBAlAs/InAlAsCBAlAs/InAlAs have superior crystal quality relative to samples containing an AlAsSb barrier.