MG200Q2YS40 Toshiba IGBT Power Module

Enhance the performance of your high power switching applications with MG200Q2YS40. Order now at


 MG200Q2YS40 is a perfect Toshiba IGBT power module to upgrade the performance of high speed switching motor drives. At only 0.95 lbs., this device can produce a collector emitter voltage of 1200 and a collector current of 200 amperes.


MG200Q2YS40 has outstanding features that give itself the title of one of the most amazing Toshiba IGBT modules today! Its electrodes are isolated from its base, confirming that it’s an advanced type of module. Moreover, it has three terminal power semiconductor devices.


To prevent delayed switching responses, MG200Q2YS40 is designed with an extremely low reverse recovery time. It has a complete half bridge in one package to modify its performance rating.


MG200Q2YS40 also has a robust module construction to ensure its high durability. Even when used on full power for the entire day, rest assured that it’s not damaged at all.


Flexibility wise, Toshiba MG200Q2YS40 can also work best on other applications like robots, servo controls, electric choppers and many more!