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Results of principal components analyses (PCA) on resident GDC-0623 during the territory intrusion trial, resident boldness during the predator avoidance trial and intruder dominance during the territory intrusion trialBehavioural contextBehaviourPC loadingResident dominanceΔ Activity level0.65Δ Shelter occupancy0.22Δ Feeding0.57Aggression0.46Variance explained39.2%Resident boldnessΔ Activity level0.66Δ Shelter occupancy−0.46Δ Feeding0.60Variance explained60.7%Intruder dominanceActivity level0.60Shelter occupancy0.49Feeding−0.39Aggression0.50Variance explained52.3%Δ represents change in a behaviour (activity level, shelter occupancy, feeding) and was calculated as behaviour after the intruder/simulated predator attack minus behaviour before the intruder/simulated predator attack. Only loadings with eigenvalues >1.0 are presented.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV