Root Genius Download For Android

Root Genius Download For Android

If you are thinking to root your android device or if you are in a dilemma that if you should root your android mobile or PC? Then 100% sure you have lots of questions in your mind like what is the rooting.. what is the best tool to root my device safely… What are the benefits and disadvantages of rooting and etc. Well now we are going to present short and important guide about how to root your android device with Root Genius download, rooting benefits, disadvantages and more.


Actually Do you know what is the meaning on Root? Well, root simply means to gain administrative privileges or root access if you are from a Linux background on the system. Anyhow, with non-root mobile, you will not be able to change any system files in your device. Behind the rooting you can browse your android root folder and do system files changes, because you have a root access now.


If you are thinking to get root benefits to your Android mobile or tablet also, you can use Root Genius download rooting tool. It is powerful. More than 10 000 android mobiles support to Root Genius without installation. Actually Root Genius tool is easy to use. Within three steps including Connect, Root and Done your device will root successfully.


As I mentioned that the process is very simple. Now we see how to use Root Genius download tool for root your lovely android mobile. IMPORTANT :

You can’t modify pictures and videos. Changes only.


Process is reversible


If you need to use it on phones with locked bootloader, first unlock and they can root.


Almost work with MTK Chinese mobiles


There are few pre requirements have for Root Genius rooting. You should do complete device backup, before you forget to do it. Go to the settings menu and enable “USB debugging” mode in the developer option. If you cannot find the developer option, then go to settings > About phone and press on the Built number bar for 5-8 minutes. After that you can go to the process. Root Genius download latest one is v1.8.7. Download it on your computer, attach your device to PC and open the tool. Let to identify your device. Click on the “Root”. You can see the KingUser application on your device at the end of the root.


Rooting error handling : If you cannot root your device properly, you can restart the process. If root showed some rooting errors, check the mode of USB. Don’t use your device until complete the proceed.


We promise to talk about some rooting benefits. So this is time for it. After rooting users can run special applications with root access. Run custom ROMs, give free internal storage, improve battery life and its speed, install incompatible apps, automate your life those are the main benefits of rooting which are recognized us.