Vitamins And Supplements- Some Facts

Vitamins And Supplements- Some Facts

Vitamins and supplements come in many forms e.g. pills, liquids, etc. The one we choose depends on how they work in our body. Certain supplements come in pills but overdose of the same can be dangerous. Supplements are not good for people with some kind of health conditions like in pregnancy, as some supplements can be dangerous to baby. People who have cancer should also be careful of the use of supplements as these can cause undesired effects on the growth of cancer cells.


People who are going to have surgery must consult with a doctor before taking them on regular basis, because some products may lead to bleeding and other complications. Supplements such as protein, creatin are used in improvement in the performance and physique of an athlete. One should only opt for best vitamin supplements in India while purchasing them from a grocery shop, supplement store or online.



Benefits Of Supplements

A study stated that taking vitamins, in the form of eating fruits and veggies, in the morning helps to give energy. Here are some vitamins and minerals tips: calcium carbonate (CaCo3) should be taken right after meal. Iron supplements should be taken on an empty stomach. B complex vitamin can be taken with food. Do not take vitamins with the alcohol.

Almost one in three people today take a vitamin supplement everyday according to the Foods and Standard authority. Supplements are taken as energy boosters, effects of ageing can be slowed down and there is a reduction in the chronic diseases.


  • People using them for anti-aging process-supplements can be greatly utilised for anti-aging process. It may help reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, acne and eczema but it is recommended to use natural supplements only as synthetic ones can bring in more harmful effects.


Do not go for supplementation alone, take a proper diet and follow the instructions given by the doctor.

Do not consume antioxidant vitamins supplements without the consultation of a doctor.