The details of the single crystal XRD

Fig. 2. Unit PD0332991 of the (a) γ-brass and (b) γ′-brass structures described in the nested cluster model [26] and [27]. (a) Unit cell of the γ-brass structure consisting of two γ-brass type (26 atoms) clusters (Fig. 1(a)) residing at the cell corner and body centre [30]. (b) Unit cell of the Γ1 phase (Fe11Zn40) with the γ′-brass structure consisting of two regular γ-brass type clusters residing at the Z and T positions, Ti2Ni type cluster at the Q position, and the α-Mn type cluster without the CC atoms at the H position [28].Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
Cluster types constituting the chorion eight structure types of the γ′-brass compounds classified according to Berger et al. [26] and the Γ2 phase (Fe8Zn87Al4).Li21Si5Mg44Rh7 (Fe11Zn40)(Fe,Ni)2Zn13Mg6PdNa6TlZn91Ir11Li13Na29Ba19Al69Ta39Γ2 phase (Fe8Zn87Al4)Zγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassQγ-brassTi2NiTi2NiTi2NiTi2NiTi2Niα-Mnα-MnTi2NiHγ-brassα-Mn w/o CCα-Mnα-Mnα-Mnα-Mn + ITα-Mnα-Mnα-MnTγ-brassγ-brassb.c.c.Ti2Niγ-brassγ-brassγ-brassb.c.c.Ti2Ni + CCFull-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV