IKO Instructor Training Courses

Prerequisites: IKO Instructor Level 1

Be at least 18 years oldKiteboarding for at least 1 year and be a certified IKO kiteboarder level 3 (can ride upwind, switch stance, land basic jumps in both directions, perform self rescue)Have an IKO Assistant Instructor certification (AITC)Pass online pre-ITC courseHave a valid first aid and CPR certificate or complete it during the ITC courseMust be able to read and write English.IKO CertificationEvery IKO Instructor follows a 5-day ITC training course, during which the examiner evaluates his technical, communication, and human skills. At the end of the IKO instructor course, the Candidate takes a written test and must pass the exam with a minimum score of 70%. The IKO training is about 50% theory and 50% practical training with real live students. At the end of the Instructor training courses if you need more training, shadowing is provided, which will give you additional extra free teaching practice to ensure your teaching skills will be very high. Being an IKO Kitesurfing instructor means being safe, having fun while training your students to become independent kite surfers.

Schedule IKO Instructor Training Courses (ITC) 2014-2015IKO Assistant Instructor Course (AITC)Medical First Aid CourseIKO Instructor Training Course (ITC)LocationNovember 11-13, 2014November 14, 2014November 16-20, 2014Pranburi, ThailandNovember 21-23, 2014November 24, 2014November 26-30, 2014Pranburi, ThailandDecember 10-12, 2014December 13, 2014December 15-19, 2014Pranburi, ThailandJanuary 18-20, 2015January 21, 2015January 23-27, 2015Pranburi, ThailandFebruary 15-17, 2015February 18, 2015February 20-24, 2015Pranburi, ThailandMarch 5-7, 2015March 8, 2015March 10-14, 2015Pranburi, ThailandApril 5-7, 2015April 8, 2015April 10-14, 2015Pranburi, Thailand


IKO Instructor Training Course level 1

30,000 THB

IKO Assistant Instructor Training Course

7,000 THB (plus 50 USD registration fee at IKO.)

First aid CPR Course

3,000 THB

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