Metis self drilling rock anchor provides advantages for all areas of its applications

Metis is professional manufacturer with many years history in manufacturing self drilling rock anchor and accessories in China. The products are widely used in surface drilling
Self drilling rock anchor is a unique anchoring system and is today's answer to the increasing demands of the tunnelling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production.
The system provides advantages for all areas of its applications, where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling with casing systems in unconsolidated or cohesive soil and is particulary suitable difficult ground conditions:
As you know,there are a lot of features of self drilling rock anchor is just as follows:
- A high rate of installation since drilling,placing and grouting can be performed in one single operation.
- Self drilling system eliminates the requirement for a cased borehole
 All our products are widely used in mining, tunneling, quarrying, construction, and civil engineering projects. And the products are exported massively to more than twenty countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, France, etc.

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