EVA Solar Cell Encapsulation Film Production Line

Solar Cell and EVA Encapsulation Film

Green energy is the most talked-about topic at the moment. Undoubtedly, solar technology becomes a superb one of these. Global solar technology products is rolling out by over than 45% each year in the past decade. The development and investment of solar energy of China exceeded the world average.

Solar module is laminated by steel glass--EVA film--semiconductor wafer--EVA film- backsheet as it shown in figure "Schematic of Solar Cell Encapsulation". Cross-linking and curing shall take place while the composite structure will be heating system and pressing. The cured security layers can prevent solar modules from severe environment harm while keeping high light transmittance.

Twin screw extrusion system

Twin screw extruder direct extrusion technology is one the most crucial characteristics of this relative line. The successful employment of twin screw extruder makes EVA resin and a true number of additives in-line compounding a reality. This meaningful improvement is a total consequence of our profound knowledge of twin screw extruder and wealthy practices. This innovation is more than specialized advantages, but reducing working costs substantially.

The wonderful mixing effect of twin screw extruder is playing a leading role in EVA film production, since it involves a great number of additives, and it requires good compounding. Unique screw elements and screw profile are designed according to the physical and chemical nature of EVA resin. It keeps each ingredient mixing homogeneously while avoiding pre-crosslinking. It really is a basis of high productivity as well.

Special cooling channel of calenders continues the temperature of calendar surface uniform. Peculiar silicon coated calendar can remove the stress of EVA film effectively so that lower the shrinkage rate significantly.

German-made equipment pump ensures melt getting into T-die with constant quantity and stable pressure. The close-loop will keep the system steady operating intelligently.

Higher Efficiency, Lower Shrinkage

This is one of the givens which guarantee the lower shrinkage and high light transmittance.

Full automated in-line thickness tester log and statement the thickness with time. The full automatic constant pressure winding system was created refer to the mechanised nature of EVA film. Less margin waste materials, Higher level of completed products stem from continuous optimizing of every unit during long-term practice of production. These optimizations substantially help reducing operating cost.

Intelligent Control System

From relay to industry computer, we've more possibilities. The logic setting between each functional modules makes specific control simple. Safer creation is a total result of considered mechanical and electric safety. The complete sync and synergetic control of every unit guaranteed the high quality last product at ease.

Excellent Quality of EVA Film

The quest for each detail leads to a global top notch EVA solar cell encapsulation film. We can guarantee the shrinkage significantly less than 3%, and the range acceleration reach at 5m/min.