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Many historical past lovers will discover this web page for one cause, an obsession like mine, for something, everything Ranger. M. E. Bailey, a lifelong associate of Ranger Frank Hamer, the City Marshal in Navasota between 1908 and 1911, also had served in Navasota and, as it turned out, had lived in the home, thought to have been constructed within the mid-twenties, the place my neighbor had discovered the badge. Three of these Texas Rangers ended up serving right here in Navasota, Texas: Hamer, Bailey and Hudson. And there have been former and future Texas Rangers in Navasota in fashionable occasions as well.

There was an period when nothing less than Texas Rangers have been effective to keep the peace in Grimes County. It all started with Sgt Dibbrell, of Firm C, on particular task from in Alpine Texas... Click payroll on on the hyperlink to take you there... or maintain reading! Ranger Major Bryant Wells, now one of many highest ranking Texas Rangers, additionally served as a policeman here in Navasota.

The first Texas Ranger from Navasota, Jeff Milton's story is a rare one. Probably probably the most famous lawmen of the west, he was the subject of J. Evetts Haley's A Good Man With A the son of the Governor of Florida, Jeff Milton turned a Texas Ranger and in the end a famous lawman of the American West, his legend stretching over three states.

Underneath nearly a foot of Texas filth he discovered a genuine Texas Ranger badge, a rare and sought-after collector's item, one thing of historic worth, something that might fetch upwards to a thousand dollars or extra in some circles. Ranger Bob Connell (retired) was a State DPS Trooper here for 14 years, and later served as a short lived Police Chief for the City of Navasota within the late eighties.

When Bailey died, Hamer gave a rare interview about his previous buddy, the place he told the reporter that Ranger Bailey had as soon as captured four Mexican Revolutionary Generals, all at one time, who have been in south Texas recruiting for Pancho Villa. It seems he could have been made a Captain for that, but it surely may additionally have been his undoing, as there have been powers in Austin who were sympathetic to Villa and the Mexican Revolution. These three Rangers helped to cement the longstanding ties between Navasota and the Texas Rangers.