Tile Vinyl Pool Liners Exposed As Fake

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Tile Vinyl Pool Liners Exposed As Fake - Read the Latest News

by: Melanie Lopes

Thats right! The new tile vinyl pool liners are not real tile but have you seen them yet?? Even with your nose stuck right up to them it is close to impossible to tell the difference between them and incredibly more expensive ceramic tile work.

All Totally Fake

They aren't printed on either, so the tiles vinyl tiles themselves have a totally realistic, three dimensional look and feel. Even the rough and and slightly recessed grout lines look and feel amazingly real!

Prefabricated All Wood Decks

Talk about fake! Once a prefabricated, all wood pool deck is installed around an above ground pool with one of these new tile vinyl pool liners installed in it, the look of an expensive built in pool is complete.

The Look Is Complete

Thats because the deck rides over the top edge of the pool and completely conceals the sides as well. Once the final effect is complete, all that is there to be seen is crystal clear water tile and decking and nothing else!

Can You Tell the difference?

Take a look for yourself at some of the online pictures of these completely fake pool creations and see if you can tell the difference between them and other backyard pools costing tens of thousands of dollar$ more.

Party On!!

Sure these new decorative vinyl pool liners are fake tile but their owners are laughing all,the way to the bank. Also with all the money that they have saved, they are having a great time throwing pool parties, while other home owner are left struggling to pay their bills.

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