What is a Class C Liquor License in Nebraska?

A Class C Liquor License in Nebraska allows the holder to sell and serve beer, wine and distilled spirits, on and off sale. On-sale locations are bars, restaurants and events where it is consumed on the premises; off-sale retailers are liquor stores, gas stations and grocery stores where alcohol is sold and carried away in closed containers.ApplicationApplying for a Class C Liquor License in Nebraska involves the completion of a seven-page form, available online from the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, or from:

Nebraska Liquor Control Commission

301 Centennial Mall South

P.O. Box 95046

Lincoln, NE 68509-5046

RequirementsThe application for a Class C Liquor License also requires the following attachments:

Fingerprint cards for each person (two cards per person)

The appropriate application forms based on business type.

Copy of the lease, if building is leased.

If you are buying the business of a current licensee, provide a copy of the purchase agreement from licensee.

If wishing to run on current liquor license, enclose the temporary agency agreement (must be commission form only, must include copy of signature card from the bank showing both the seller and buyer's names on account).

Copy of alcohol inventory being purchased, including brand names and container sizes.

A list of any inventory or property owned by other parties that are on the premise.

For individual, partnership and limited liability company (LLC) situations, enclose proof of citizenship; copy of a birth certificate, naturalization papers or passport, for all applicants, members and spouses.

If it's corporation or LLC, enclose a copy of articles as filed with the secretary of state's office.

If you have a business plan, submit a copy.

FeesThe application fee for a Class C liquor license in Nebraska is $45, as of 2010.

Additionally, the application requires the attachment of fingerprint cards for each person applying for the license. The processing cost for these cards is $38 per person.

The annual license fee is $300.

RenewalsClass C liquor licenses must be renewed annually. The license year begins on Nov. 1 of each year, ending on the subsequent Oct. 31.

Renewals can be made online or by mail.

RestrictionsClass C allows sales in original packages only.

Fees for cigar bars are $1,000 annually.

If a Class C license is held by a nonprofit, it is restricted to consumption on the premises only.

Nebraska LawNebraska Law (Statute 53-124) governs Class C liquor licensing.

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