Sarah G. Lato

Sarah G. Lato

Sarah G. Lato is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She was first introduced in "The Banana." As of "The Void," she seems to be a member of the cheerleading squad.

Sarah is an anthropomorphic ice cream cone. The ice cream portion of her body is yellow, and the cone is orange in coloration, with brown stripes. She has thin legs and arms the same color as her head.


In her initial appearances, she seemed to be soft-spoken, and rarely made speaking appearances. In "The Fan," however, she is revealed to be highly delusional, and somewhat eccentric. She is somewhat of a stalker, as revealed in "The Fan." She seems to see things played out as a sort of sitcom, with herself as a character, even carrying around a tape recorder that plays a laugh track, and accompanying music. Sarah is also extremely obsessed with Gumball and Darwin, whom she views as her only friends, and appears to also fantasize about marrying one of them. Gumball and Darwin were the first people who spoke to her at Elmore Junior High.  

Episode Appearances

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Sarah appears as the first new student of Miss Simian's class.
She seems to be one of the tallest girls in school (excluding Tina).
According to character models, she was originally named Dolly.
She had her first speaking role in "The Voice."
She was originally a student at Richwood High, which is odd as she now attends junior high.
She is named after the show's producer, Sarah Fell.[1]
Despite being considered a new student in "The Sweaters," she appeared in 13 episodes before it.
Her middle initial and surname are a play on "gelato," the Italian word for "ice cream."
She is a mangaka, a person who draws manga.
She is apparently also a cannibal, just like Doughnut Sheriff, as she is seen eating a vanilla ice cream cone in "The Fan," "The Law," and "The Butterfly."
According to character designer William Laborie, Sarah was originally a replacement for Molly in Season 2, right before the events of "The Void."[2]