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Within the spirit of this project, I'll try to suppose outdoors the box about the future of Cyprus. Maintenance of the status quo in accordance with the Taiwan mannequin: A second doable resolution to the Cyprus drawback is the wait and see” method premised on the tolerance of the established order by political forces on the island and their primarily concern with the concept of restoration. First and perhaps paradoxically, in recent years, the Republic of Cyprus has achieved a relative financial miracle.

Having efficiently built-in into worldwide markets, particularly in the fields of banking, services, public works and tourism, the Republic of Cyprus cannot be totally exempt from the final tendency in direction of secession of resourceful areas from nation states. So the Greek-Cypriots' will to pay for the unification with north Cyprus will not be as robust because it was previously.

A sequence of political paradoxes clarify why, regardless of the assorted objections to a velvet divorce”, many in each Cypriot communities are in favour of this solution (as was the case in Czechoslovakia), particularly if it had been to ensure the interests of northern Cyprus vis à vis the EU. First, the invasion and subsequent occupation of northern Cyprus by the Turkish army authorities should some extent homogenised” the Republic of Cyprus further.

Secondly, for numerous years a large a part of the Turkish management and army authorities have unequivocally declared their intention to annex northern Cyprus into Turkey, or proceed with its formal international recognition, until the Republic of Cyprus agrees to their calls for. Thirdly, the Turkish-Cypriot community is more attached to the unification of Cyprus as this might outcome of their speedy entry into the EU, the withdrawal of the bulk of Turkish troops from northern Cyprus and improved financial prospects.

The trendy federation”, in my view, would maximise alternatives for Cyprus as a complete as well as for both communities on the island. In the second part, I flip to the problem of minorities in Cyprus and examine ways during CYPRUS PROPERTY which the political recognition of minorities could contribute to reaching another solution. Despite the constraining clauses contained in the 1959 Zurich Accords, the Republic of Cyprus has acquired whole management over all of the territory that was not occupied.