Metabolic Cooking Review

Fat loss is one of the most common subjects spoke about all over the internet. So many people are starting to learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and everyone knows someone who wants to lose a few pounds and get back into shape. But sticking to a diet is hard when it comes to boring tasteless food. Do you want to lose weight and still eat tasty food?

If the answer is yes then Metabolic Cooking is certainly the fat loss cookbook for you. Read on to learn more about what it has to offer.

Metabolic Cooking is a well known nutrition program for fat loss and loaded with over 250 tasty fat burning recipes. The program is designed to teach you how to lose weight and build muscle with tasty and healthy meals that will speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

The program itself is designed by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier who are a couple in real life. As a competitive bodybuilder Dave's experience has helped him learn what does and doesnt work for building muscle and losing weight. Karine is known as 'the lean kithchen queen' and has a masters degree in psychology. Her knowledge and experience has helped many people successfully lose weight and get their physique's back in shape.

Metabolic Cooking Turkey Burger

The Metabolic Cooking program is a complete package and comes complete with the following:

Metabolic Cooking 9 cookbook set with over 250 recipes

The Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolicious Dressings

Fat Loss Optimizer Guide with Money Saving Tips

The Supplements Optimizer Guide

The Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide

Quick Sheets with a daily food log

The first part of the ebook is a general guide that explains how to follow a healthy diet that helps you burn fat and explains how to boost your metabolism and achieve maximum results.

Now, the best bit about this program is the recipes. The recipes are divided into categories and there are over 200 to choose from.

The categories include:


Chicken and Poultry

Fish and Seafood


Red Meat

Side dishes




Each category contains more than 20 recipes, each one with it's own nutrition profile including protein, carbohydrates, vegetarian and fats. The nutrition profiles make it very easy to find a recipe that suits your requirements. The recipes themselves are loaded with flavour which makes the whole diet in this program so great.

Meatabolic Cooking comes with a No-questions-asked, 60-day Money-back Guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose.

Well, our Metabolic Cooking review has determined that this is in fact a great product. If you are serious about healthy eating and weight loss then I would highly recomend you put your trust in Dave Ruel and Karine Losier, their cookbook is well-researched with over 250 fun and easy to cook meals that would benefit anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle and not just bodybuilders and fitness models. Metabolic Cooking wiill make your diet more simple and tastier.

Another highlight of the program is the 60 day moneyback guarantee. So, if youre unsatisfied with the results, you can get a full refund. With this product, you dont have anything to lose. The money back guarantee further proves the effectiveness of this program.

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