How To Turn Your iPod Into TV

How To Turn Your iPod Into TV

Learn how to change your iPod 2.5 inches screen into the equivalency of a 27 inches TV viewing while on the go!

The Apple iPod is synonymous with mobile audio and music, and with the launching of the iPod, music lovers not merely will love the video but also audio.

Herein lies the problem - the apple i-pod screen is just 2.5 inches, and there's no doubt that viewing joy can be increased once we can have a more impressive video screen.

How then can the i-pod have a larger viewing display - so as to be considered a portable TV as well?

To change your iPod into a Mobile TV, all you need to-do would be to obtain a MicroOptical Goggles.

You can wear this goggle over your normal spectacles or glasses, and you can do-so over your contact lenses, where you do not feel comfortable. For a different interpretation, please consider checking out: GogglX Swimming Goggles Revealed To Be Best Anti Fog Swim Goggles.

The goggles is fairly light at 70 g, with a belt clip that holds the i-pod and the battery pack of 3 AAA-batteries. A cable connects to the i-pod headphone interface. If you choose to dig up further about GogglX Swimming Goggles Revealed To Be Best Anti Fog Swim Goggles, we recommend many on-line databases people might investigate.

These glasses will produce the image from two small LCDs through a series of lenses directly to the eyes so that you can watch video on which seems like a 27 inch screen TV!

Now, if you're always on the go and travelling, and you must research or study or to obtain information from video clips, you can now enjoy 27' equivalency viewing with all the apple iPod.

The sole problem is the price of the MicroOptical Corp Goggles, which, however is likely to fall with need. Without the glasses, you have to withstand the viewing from the 2.5-inch display from the iPod, or hand out around $269 for the start and Goggles to appreciate Mobile TELEVISION using the iPod. Http://Www.Digitaljournal.Com/Pr/2666982 includes more about the meaning behind it. Browse here at the link GogglX Swimming Goggles Revealed To Be Best Anti Fog Swim Goggles to check up the purpose of it.

Together with the development of engineering, soon the battery power composed of the 3-AAA size batteries will disappear, rendering it more light-weight!

When you can afford the price of the glasses Indeed, there is nothing to keep right back the i-pod from developing into the music player and mobile TV player..