Technology Services. Global Solutions. by Gary Muddyman

Technology Services. Global Solutions.

by: Gary Muddyman has the service background and project experience to handle large-scale localization projects, plus partnerships with leading technology vendors who have a track record of delivering innovative solutions that meet global demands.

For many software developers or IT companies, a key hurdle is the challenge of partnering with a vendor they can trust to match their own high level of quality assurance in localized product versions, and to seamlessly build localization QA into their own development process. Consequently, IT companies have typically gone through a series of different vendors, or have relied on their own developers to localize their products for foreign markets.

For this reason, Conversisglobal.coms technology solutions are a key response to demands from IT companies and other clients needing a single-source localization vendor that can offer pre- and post-localization and translation testing, QA testing, debugging, Website localization and more for software products that must be market-ready for global distribution.

Some of the key technology solutions offered include:

* Quality assurance; functionality and multi-language compatibility;

* Functional, cosmetic and linguistic testing;

* Bug reporting and resolution;

* Software Internationalization (I18n) and Localization (L10n) testing;

* Technical authoring:

* Website globalization readiness.

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