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Girls just wanna have fun and heres our list of top 5 things to do for any upcoming bachelorette party:

Dressing the part

Before heading out inthe forever dreaded sashes (as per my friends) and furry crowns, agreeing on a dress code will keepyou and your ladies looking chic; all white theme? So pretty!

da881014abb8e7ba75b099bfa6462381Rent a party on wheels

Next, you want to ensure that the bride to be and her girlfriends will be getting around safely. This party on wheels is a great idea because you get two for one- a designated driver and a party in one! Go from place to place sipping on champagne and get around comfortably and of course, in style.


Forget tradition and instead try these temporary tattoos

In addition to being dressed in your all-white attire, you can add these super fun temporary tattoos to add a little pizzaz to your outfit! How much fun? The bride to be can wear these with her ladies andbring the party to their wrists.

BurlesquegirlsTake a pole dancing class

Taking a pole dancing class alone is extremely intimidating but doing it with your girlfriends for a bachelorette party? Totally fun. This is the opportunity to let loose, have fun and maybe learn a few things amongst the people you are closest to.

Spa_Women2A staycation

If the bride to be is not into going out to a club, a staycation can be a great option! Book a hotel suite or two, make reservations for a restaurant nearby and continue thebachelorette party at the hotel.There are so many ways to make a bachelorette tasteful, fun and memorable.Have you attended a bachelorette party recently? What did you do?! Let us know in a comment.

-karen michelle//.

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