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Hello! I'm Cindy and am happily married for 32 years, Registered Nurse, Italian/American Restaurant andHome BasedBusiness Owner, Skincare and Wellness Specialist, Writer on my three blogs. I write as vetochemicals because I believe that we could all live our healthiest without dangerous andharmfulchemicals and taking our cues from Mother Nature!

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Love health, wellness,nature, travel, healthy recipes, yoga, golf, sunsets, the beach,self improvement, friends, networking and sharing what I know through article writing. I'm addicted to healthy food, staying fitandskincare, makeup, teaching the dangers of chemicalsand have a goal to go as long as possible without a doctor through ahealthy lifestyle - so far so good!

My blogs areRadiant Skin Expert Adviceandall about starting a home basedbusiness with Nutrimetics USAand assist my husband at Successfulrestauranttips and would welcome your visit!

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