Follicular Unit Transplant Costs

Follicular unit hair transplants are the best method of medical hair restoration. The technique ensures natural appearing results after just one treatment. How much does this method of hair transplantation cost?

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant PriceLocationProviderHair transplant surgeon reputation, qualificationsDiscounts and specialsYour hair restoration goalsPrice Range For Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

Hair transplant fees are calculated on a per unit basis. For follicular unit transplants, you can expect to pay between $2.50-$6 per unit. The patient profiled pictorially received 1250 units at $3.50/unit, plus consultation fees of $125, for a total sum of $4500 for his hair loss treatment.

Provider Variations Depend on Competition, Region

Hair transplant surgery prices vary dramatically between hair restoration clinics. Based on an interview with a 2007 transplant recipient, New York based Bernstein Medical quoted a cost of $6.00/unit plus a $150-375 consultation fee. National provider Bosley Medical bills a per month cost of $70-$310 for financed procedures. Hansson & Wongs clinic in Vancouver, Canada quoted fees of $2.50/unit. A local hair restoration surgeon charged $3.50/unit for the profiled patients procedure. Contact hair restoration providers for current charges and specials.

Anticipate better pricing in areas with many hair transplant centers. Some hair transplant patients travel to a major metropolitan area or prestigious clinic for a plastic surgery vacation. On the other hand, you may find urban costs slightly higher due to increased demand and inflationary pressures. Just like the $12.00 Manhattan movie that only costs $5.50 in Des Moines, location strongly impacts prices.

Hair Transplant Costs Vary With Surgeon Reputation

Expect to pay significantly more for a hair transplant surgeon of renowned reputation. If you want Dr. Bobby Limmer, the reputed godfather of follicular unit hair transplantation, expect to pay a premium. With proper research, most men will find a lesser-known, affordable provider achieving wonderful results.

Unit Definitions Vary By Hair Loss Treatment Provider

As a hair transplant consumer, beware of seemingly low price per unit fees. Clarify how a prospective hair transplant doctor defines unit. In an informal survey of major hair transplant centers and providers, those quoting unit amounts closer to $2.50/unit tend to count each individual hair as a unit.

Hair follicles grow in groupings of 1-4 hairs, with a high frequency of multi-hair groupings. Follicular unit transplantation preserves groupings; individual hairs are not dissected apart from a unit. While this contributes to the natural appearance of follicular unit hair transplants, providers charging by the hair and not by the group are essentially charging for additional dissection and implantation work that is not performed.

For example, a single group of 4 hairs may cost $10 at a clinic charging $2.50/unit that calculates per hair, but only $4.00 at a provider charging $4.00/unit and defining a unit as a group of hairs. Both methods of calculation are valid, but to compare procedure costs between many prospective hair transplant centers, you will need to know how each provider defines unit.

Ask for Hair Transplant Procedure Discounts

If you are lucky enough to be a medical professional, belong to your surgeons favorite fraternal organization, or hold a high visibility job that may lead to multiple referrals, dont hesitate to ask for a professional discount. The patient profiled in this article received a $0.50/unit discount, saving $625 on his hair transplant procedure, just by asking. His high profile profession as a local doctor and impressive results surely led to many patient referrals.

Final Hair Restoration Price Depends on Your Goals

Many hair transplant recipients undergo two or more procedures to obtain their desired results. Maintain realistic expectations for a single hair transplant session, and ask your provider if he or she anticipates multiple sessions to achieve your medical hair replacement goals.

Data based on an interview with a follicular unit hair transplant patient who wishes to remain anonymous.

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