Which industry has a better profit margin: flipping homes or cars? - Toronto Headlines

We have all heard about home remodelling. But a key question is: what about auto remodelling?

Indeed, homeowners have looked at the prospect of changing up either the interior or exterior of their living quarters, whether its the backyard, kitchen or the bathroom. It is certainly a multi-billion-dollar industry, but is the automotive remodelling industry just as lucrative? In todays economic climate, remodelling or improving a car can be costly and unnecessary, but with disposable income on the rise again, it could begin to roar again.

The two aspects of renovations are vastly different. Changing up ones home could require a loan or to borrow against your equity, while improving your vehicle could only require a dip into your savings, a certain percentage of your next paycheck or perhaps a simple installment plan from an auto dealer.

Another initiative that car owners are taking part in is purchasing vintage cars and improving their engine, body parts and other elements of the interior and exterior. Similar to flipping a residential or commercial property, there are a lot of articles that give great advice on how to flip a car for both fun and profit.

Whatever the case may be, a simple search on Google will list thousands upon thousands of global companies that specialize in various auto parts, such as the engine, sound system, exterior surface, tires and much more, in order for its clients to customize their respective automobiles.

One common complaint amongst motorists is the sound that comes with operating a vehicle (I.E. car engine and the road beneath). Second Skin maintains a focus on offering a range of products and services to sound deadening. Some of its most effective car soundproofing items include vibration dampers, noise barriers, thermal insulation and a range of sound-busting tools.

Late last year, the South Africa-based company announced the launch of a brand new website that gives its visitors and clients a better understanding of what it does and how it dampens the sound surrounding the driver.

With affordable prices and a high level of product quality across our range, we aim to help you enjoy your time on the road with minimal interferences, said Jordan Zubair, director of Second Skin, in a press release. Take the noise and vibrations out of your car for good with the help of our state-of-the-art sound deadening products.

Being a driver is already difficult and expensive enough. This is why many motorists arent letting something like sound distract themselves from enjoying the open road. Lets face it: who takes appreciation in excessive sound?


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