Taco Bell Customer Pulls Shotgun: Crime? No Hot Sauce

A Missouri Taco Bell employee ran for cover when a pick-up truck pulls up to the drive-through window. The driver had allegedly brandished a shotgun at the employee. However, he did not want to money as it turns out; he wanted his hot sauce.

Jeremy Combs, age 30, had returned to the Taco Bell after discovering no hot sauce in his sack. After arriving home, the customer who had previously been arrest 14 times for felonies, found the fast food restaurant had left the hot sauce out of his order. Combs jumped into his Ford F-150 and drove back to the Taco bell. There he was captured on video tape. How many other people would have just eaten their meal minus the hot sauce?

Combs denies having a shotgun and said what was seen in the surveillance video was a tire iron. However, court records say police found a Mossberg shotgun under his mattress which had no serial numbers. Could, like in the movies, the felon had filed off the numbers?

Later, Jeremy Combs admitted to having the shotgun at the Taco Bell. That fact, and his past criminal record, probably means this guy has no hope of getting away with his hot sauce fit. Of course, there are mitigating factors; Jeremy Combs was only convicted on 3 of those 14 felony arrests. Hopefully, that Taco Bell employee never forgets the hot sauce again.

Heated confrontation: Jeremy Combs is accused of pulling a shotgun at a Taco Bell drive thru after discovering that his hot sauce had been forgotten from the order


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