Some useful tips when buying a Motorbike

Functional Requirements

Buy the power you need, but only as much as you can handle safely. Large motorcycles are heavy, and you must be strong enough to push it, or pick it up if it falls over. But smaller bikes (e.g., a 125cc) may not have the speed, performance, and comfort youll need if you plan to travel long distances.


Consider the primary use of your bike. Dont buy a trail bike for highway use. Similarly, dont buy a road bike if most of your riding will be off the road. Some motorcycles are built especially for trail use, with special tyre's and suspension. Other motorcycles have special characteristics for highway use, such as tyres designed to grip the road, and more powerful braking systems. If you have dual requirements, dual-purpose motorcycles are available that make a compromise between road and trail riding.

Rules of the road

Remember that a motorcyclist must abide by the same traffic rules and regulations as other motorists. Before taking your motorcycle on a public road, become familiar with traffic rules and any special requirements for motorcycles.


Be aware that riding with a passenger requires even more skill than riding alone. Riding with a passenger should be delayed until you have considerable solo riding and are ready to take on the responsibility of carrying a passenger.

Tips when buying a Motorbike from esbrokers

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