3 Amazing Bachelorette Party Hacks

We all know Bachelorette parties can be a handful, but this is a time to celebrate your best friend finding the love of her life and going all out. If you're starting to plan a bachelorette party or about to attend one soon, these three bachelorette party hacks are for you! You will not only save a little bit of money, you will also save some of your sanity as well!

1. Email Invitations: Say Bye Bye To Outdated Facebook Groups

Let's face it, Facebook groups are outdated, especially when it comes to planning an event. No one has time anymore to constantly check Facebook (of all places!) to make sure they have all the necessities for a night on the town. There's bound to be a few busy bees who forget to check the group, causing miscommunication and a bunch of frazzled women.

Ladies, it's time to pull your big girl panties up and plan a party the right way. That includes sending invitations. Yes invitations! So, delete that Facebook group now, before all hell breaks loose.

It's never been easier to send invitations now more than ever. Now, you can skip the postage stamps and send a video email invitation to all the fabulous bridesmaids. This way they can open it at work, in the gym, or in traffic and save it to their calendars with one click! All the essentials are included in the email, cutting down on the unnecessary confusion. Not to mention they have a cute video to watch, making the invitation that much more personal.


Everyone has what they need, a beautiful (and easy!) video invitation was sent, and you are one step closer to that amazing bachelorette party without dropping a ton of time or money on traditional invitations and silly Facebook groups.

2. Photo Streams: Share Photos Securely & Quickly

After sending out the invitations and packing for the big night out, you are now ready for a picture perfect night! But before going out, make sure all the girls are added to the holy grail of photo albums- The Bachelorette Shared Photo Stream!

If you're wondering what a shared photo stream is, read about all the details here! (*Note: this great hack only applies to iPhone users)

By incorporating a shared photo stream with all the bridesmaids, there will be even more laughter and priceless photos to go around without everyone seeing the inappropriate mess on social media. Securely share the pictures you really want the bride to see in a convenient photo album for only the select few to add to and see.

3. Mobile App Peer-to-Peer Payments: Split the Costs Without The Drama

According to MintLife, the average bridesmaid spends about $400 on the bachelorette party. If you're expenses are already dwindling from the other wedding expenses, every penny can count. This is where mobile app peer-to-peer payment processors like Venmo or Google Wallet can come in handy!

Want to split the hotel room and champagne? No worries, you can split the costs evenly with the bridesmaids without the ATM drama. Just download the app to your phone, find your friend, then send them what you owe them instantly. There's no room to get frustrated about who owes what any longer! I would definitely look into this service before embarking on the night on the town.

I hope these three bachelorette party hacks help you out when needed! Do you have more to add to my list? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear your feedback.


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