Classic Erotic Photography From the 20th Century

Classic erotic photography and art for millenniums now man and woman has been mystified by the sight of undress of the human form in sculpture and paintings, erotica in this form is as old as man. The Ancient Romans had graffiti artist draw erotica on wall and building throughout the conquered lands. However it was the invention of the camera that fast tracked the modern day classic erotica and its evolution.

The Camera is invented next to landscapes the portrait and erotic pose photography began almost at the same time of the camera, Models used would have to pose still for up to 10 minutes for the correct exposure. These images although rare spread throughout affluent Europe and soon became a collectible and a must have of 18th century men. Artist experimenting with this medium soon developed a following of art lovers as they exhibited their art through the countries of the time. Technology of the day moved forward and soon more images could be taken and in a much more mass produced fashion, the mass market of erotic images came into being. Large areas of cities grew overnight to cater to this newly found product sourced by many as a novelty and a unique item. Mass production developed further to the point of postcards becoming popular with the erotic poses on them for world wide distribution. Unlike pornography of today erotica was seen as a art form that involved the human sexual fantasy in a series of non real situations. Although pornography grew in demand also the true erotic photographs could be described in today's terms as almost acceptable by most. The world wars spread gay photography
throughout the world as most serving abroad took it as a reminder of what was being left at home. Armed forces turned a blind eye to this as it was seen as a morale builder for the troops serving in extreme conditions.

Early Viral Marketing - The power of the erotic photograph saw many burlesque and up and coming models utilize this as a form of viral marketing of their images, many famous names were made more famous by the spread of images during post World War 1. World War 2 and the pinup girl had become a must have of the serving soldier. Again most were soft core and non explicit,but become a must have in a male dominated environment. After the war gay photography
was captured and with other usually male dominated content put forward in a magazine form most notable was the 1953 introduction of Playboy magazine. First issue was sold out at 700,000 copies showing the world that erotica was here to stay and continues to today. Today we have gone away from the art and the culture of the time but classic erotica from the early years of photography rates very high amongst both men and woman.