Home Base Station and Old Mobile SideBand AM Band Radio Channel

Why would I want to do that? Let me tell you. I can not explain the amount of enjoyment that I had as a kid using a CB Radio. I was set up in my Parent's garage and I enjoyed talking with people from around the area. This was before Cell Phones were in wide use.

I believe that my first CB Radio was a 23 channel Midland International. My uncle was into CB's in the 70's & 80"s and he had some great equipment. He had moved to a different house and he no longer used his equipment so he let me borrow his antenna and microphone, as well as co-ax (wire).

The antenna he let me borrow was a "Big Stick". That antenna was about 17 feet long and I had it mounted on a tripod on the ground in my back yard. I received great reception with that antenna. The mic he let me borrow was a Power Desk Mic. It looked similar to the old microphones that DJ's used in the radio station studio.

I eventually joined a local CB Radio Club, the "Pony Express" , out of my town. We had "Coffee Breaks" -weekly meetings with club members at the club's head quarters. I remember how impressed I was with all the equipment they had! I was only about 12 years old so my Dad always went with me (he wasn't amused!).

The club sponsored spaghetti suppers, fundraisers for school, charity, and the like, and it was always great to reach them on the other side of town from my home base. I really enjoyed talking with people through radio frequencies.