Game tester central - Long Beach Video Game

Long Beach / Los Angeles are known for many things (Hollywood, Disneyland, etc.) but most people don't think video game central. Fact is, there's not only a lot of companies in this part of Southern California, but there are a lot of job positions. Maybe you just got out of college, or maybe you're looking for a change in career path. Chances are, if you're reading this, you probably love video games.

So post-college in a country that has very little job openings, why not take a chance on being a Video Game Tester? Within the Los Angeles / Long Beach area, there are plenty of temporary positions for game testers. They range from no experience (other than being an avid gamer) like Blizzard Entertainment (located in Irvine), to jobs that require knowledge of catergorizing bugs and prioritization, such as Electronic Arts (Los Angeles) and Atlus (Irvine). To ones that you need experience with bug database software, such as Sony Computer Entertainment America (Santa Monica).

Cool - a job that allows you to play video games all day - how sweet! However, as EA explains in their explanation of the position, you do end up playing multiple versions of the game game, replaying levels over and over, as well as sometimes playing a game that you do not particularly care for. A Quality Assurance Tester for Mario Kart for the Wii warns: Sometimes you get stuck playing a game like Beauty and the Beast for the Nintendo DS over and over again - but when you get a game like Mario Kart, your company can pay you to go on a tour and promote the game. So it's these games that make it worth it.

QA testing remains a great way to gather some experience in the gaming industry.