How to Create and Print Custom Fabric Designs

Custom Fabric DesignThere is a new type of printing technology that allows people to create their own fabric designs and have them printed on fabric by the yard. Designing fabric has not always been available to the public, and now it has designers and sewing hobbyists excited.

In the past, if a person went to a fabric store and could not find the fabric design they wanted, they were out of luck. This is now a thing of the past. Anyone can create a fabric design then upload it to a computer and have it printed.

Custom Fabric Design Process

Anyone can create a custom fabric design, and there are a variety of different ways to go about it. The design can come from a hand-sketch, computer design, painting, photograph, or anything else that can be thought of. The design then needs to be saved as a file on a computer. This can be done by scanning the document into a computer, if it is not already a digital file. The next step is to select the fabric printing company to use. The two most popular fabric printers are SpoonFlower and Karma Kraft. This fun fabric design process can turn anyone into a fashion designer overnight.

Fabric Printing Companies: SpoonFlower and Karma Kraft

SpoonFlower and KarmaKraft both have considerable mark-up prices for their fabric compared to traditional fabric stores. The ability to create custom designs, however, seems to outweigh the cost of production. Anyone can create a design and have it printed by the yard and then shipped to an address.

These companies are great for people who want to create custom prints for use in home businesses, because they are able to market a product with the same fabric design without having to worry about a fabric store being out. The fabric printers are also popular with aspiring fashion designers because they provide a new outlet for creativity when designing clothes. The typical seamstress can use their services as well for even the smallest project.

SpoonFlower only offers cotton fabrics, making it popular for quilters, but not up-and-coming fashion designers. Many hobbyists find SpoonFlower fun because they offer contests for the best designs and there is an incentive where 10 percent commission can be made when someone buys a custom creation. There is no maximum or minimum amount required for purchase on Spoonflower making it a great site for people who sew as a hobby.

Karma Kraft provides fabric choices for designers other than cottons. This makes them a more popular choice in many cases. The shipping fees can be daunting, however, because they operate out of China, whereas SpoonFlower is located in North Carolina.

The process seems to be about the same for both companies, but each has advantages and disadvantages. Karma Kraft is more expensive, but they offer more choices. Both printers are a great option, however, for anyone who has always wanted to create custom fabric designs and have them printed by the yard.

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