Travel Writing, How to Write Great Travel Articles, Top Tips

Travel Photography, Writers at WorkOffering the right idea, words and pictures is the only requirement for successful travel writing. Thats achieved by studying the market then presenting editors with the perfect package.

The top tips below aim to help budding writers to hone their skills and produce travel articles and pictures most suitable for publication.

Travel Writing, Top Tips for ContentFocus on a particular aspect of a trip, this could be outdoor activities, attractions for kids, food and wine, culture, arts and crafts, national parks, best beaches and so on.Lists are popular for print and web. They may range from the 10 best restaurants or romantic hide-away to golf courses, small museums, train journeys, things to do or hotels with a view.Anything unusual or quirky is good, a converted lighthouse offering B&B, travelling on a cargo ship rather than a liner, trekking with a toddler in tow, staying with the tribes in Taiwan or working with orangutans.Remember that home is also a travel destination, use material on the doorstep to fill in gaps and increase sales at minimum cost.Check out the latest trends such as upcoming destinations, green travel, active holidays, value for money.Travel Writing, How to Write Great Travel Articles, Top Tips for StyleCompare two travel magazines, choice of words, tone of voice, format, length and more, and its easy to see why the market should be considered first. To succeed and make money, choose a publication, study it, write accordingly, but use your own voice.The best travel writing gives readers a sense of place. Include well chosen details, roses in the garden, rather than flowers, a monk in Thailand, riding a motorbike, and involve the senses, what one can hear, smell, how it feels, how it tastes. Use original metaphors, but sparingly.Grab attention in the introduction then vary the pace. Think of travel writing as highs and lows, with exciting anecdotes to entertain and here and there a few facts to inform and give readers a rest. Use the active voice, the snake bit me, not I was bitten, and avoid padding, every word should count.Travel Photography, Top Tips for Travel PicturesHigh resolution images more than double chances of acceptance and may bring extra cash. Digital cameras should allow any writer to produce decent pictures but as with content and style, one must be aware of market requirements.Some magazines love vast empty landscapes, others prefer to include people or animals, some like striking portraits, others action shots, a few require a picture of the writer on location, maybe dramatic or humorous.Take lots of pictures, pros reckon 10% success is a good rate. Use diagonal lines to lead the eye, go for bright colours, especially red for magazines, shoot early morning or late afternoon for the best light.Look out for anything unusual, funny signs, or those that give a sense of place, like a London bus, and bear in mind that every picture should tell a story.

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