Dangerous Animals

The next three images are from a working tea estate and now a lodge inbuilt 1859 by the Scottish Tea Company in Darjeeling, India. I'm going in November to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui (with a little bit of island hopping and the half moon celebration!)The bit I am most apprehensive about it Chiang Mai as we're planning a trek into the mountains for a few days. There are more species of ants in Thailand than anyone has had the time to depend. Hey great page, simply booked up for thailand in september, i didn't realise concerning the animals, im from scotland so the worst animal we cope with is the englishman lol joking.

Your assertion holds true although; whereas Bull Sharks are usually thought of aggressive, those around Koh Tao appear to have adopted the Thai life-style and to my knowledge have never had a pop at anybody. Leeches pose the best menace to health in Thailand throughout flooding in cities and cities. We will be spending our honeymoon in Thailand in the course of the first two weeks of Might 2013 and we'll be staying in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Stray canines in Thailand are typically docile but they can be intimidating in giant packs at night and some will bite if they really feel threatened.

I've traveled to Thailand for 25 years, been to simply about every area, and seen just a few harmful animals during that interval. Thailand has loads of huge scary-looking spiders however only a few species will chew a human being. In a current case, a Welsh man died in his home country many weeks after being stung in Thailand. I was surprised to hear that bull sharks dwell round Koh Tao (an island a couple of hundred km North of Samui). Curcurma longa is tumeric and I have heard of its use in Chinese language medicine to treat low energy, stomach issues (very extensively used in Thailand for this goal) and even cancer.

Most individuals won't ever have a major problem with the wildlife in Thailand and it is a nice holiday vacation spot. I now stay in Bangkok and yesterday I noticed something that even amazed me. Yesterday night around 11pm, I was Koh Phangan Property on one of the side streets from Koh San Rd. heading to catch a taxi. If you're bitten, it's important to get treatment immediately due to the widespread downside of rabies in Thailand.