Looks like Becks is going to be laid up for a while and off on the sidelines even longer. Today David Beckham arrived in London with his wife Victoria after flying in from the Finnish clinic where he had surgery for a torn Achilles tendon. The soccer star injured his foot on Sunday and will be sidelined for about six months, forcing him to miss the World Cup in South Africa, a pretty nasty predicament for LA. He will rest with familyin England before returning to Los Angeles.

I did say that perhaps it would not be wise to fly straight off to Los Angeles that he should stop somewhere first, said Sakari Orava, the orthopedic surgeon who performed the operation.He said Beckhamseemed well and in a good mood. He has to take it easy for about a month thats how long it will be in a cast and then week-by-week he can move the foot and use it more.

The 34-year-old Beckham tore his left Achilles tendon when playing for AC Milan and underwent surgery in Turku on Monday.He was a very easy and good patient. Even the nurses said they wished that all their patients were like him, Orava said. He was very satisfied and didnt complain about anything and thanked everyone. Orava said Beckhams tendon was totally torn, destroying any chances he may have harbored for playing in his fourth World Cup. The tournament starts June 11 in South Africa.

Becks has spent the better part of his post-Madrid career laid up with one thing or another. Do you think hes cursed? Or is he just looking for an opportunity to lay low and hang with his glam wife and their three adorable kids?


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