Colonoscopies and Preparation - :

Colon Anatomy


Colyte is used in some preparations. This is a presciption item containing a great deal of sodium. It has similarities to bicarbonate of soda.

Unfortunately a great deal of sodium is toxic to the heart and the kideys, particularly if you have hypertension or have ever had heart failure. However, this procedure uses

a one-size-fits-all preparation. It is amazing to me that they do not use potassium as the cation instead of sodium.

Magnesium citrate is also used for the preparation. They want you to buy only the lemon or lime flavor. They dont want you to drinik anything red because red liquids look like blood. Blood can be a symptom of colon cancer.

It can also be a symptom of a bleeding ulcer.

Unfortunately people can and have died from the medical use of sodium.


Colonoscopies are very useful, particularly for older people and those with a family history of colon cancer. They are used to detect colon cancer and polyps. Polyps can be removed before they turn into cancer.

The Preparation

If you do not prepare properly, the doctor may refuse to do the test. Then you will have to schedule the whole thing all over again and do the preparation all over again. Nutrition becomes turned upside down in the preparation. They want you to drink Gatorade! Gatorade is like sugar and water! However, you cant drink red Gatorade because of the color. They dont want you to eat fiber.

Closing Remarks

I have just scratched the surface of very complex subjects including cancer and gastroenterology. These are both tremendously important subjects, and there are many tests. If people like this brief article, I will write more and present more information. I did not invent any of this preparation. This is a standard preparation. I would have invented it differently. I would have avoided the sodium, or at least minimized it. I would have suggested Vitamin Water or something similar to it instead of Gatorade. Vitamin Water is healthier than Gatorade. Gatorade could be bad for diabetics.

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