Orthopedic Surgery for a Dog

For the first week or so, I used the 'wait and see' approach. The poor dog was on several medications to prevent infection, mitigate inflammation, and reduce his pain level. When it became clear his condition was not improving, the decision was made to take him to a vet who specialized in orthopedic surgery for pets.

Connor's surgery took place in Columbia, SC at South Carolina Veterinary Specialists. I cannot say enough good things about them. They estimated the surgery would cost $1500-2000, including an overnight stay and follow-up visit. Given my experience with other cost estimates, I fully expected to pay more than the quoted upper end. Instead, I received exemplary service, including a post-op phone call from the surgeon, for $1750. After six weeks of restricted movement for Connor, I drove the now uncomfortably energetic animal for his check-up. X-rays showed his fractures had healed seamlessly and he was cleared to resume normal activity levels.


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