Well Paid Job Openings in South Africa

The HubPages writer Prince Maak asked a question concerning the availability of well paid jobs in Africa. While I do not have data for the entire continent, I can supply some information about types of job listings open from an examination I was interested to do with prominent Internet Job Search Engines. These search engines scan all Internet job postings on a frequent schedule and are a good starting point for answering the question and looking for work in the country of South Africa.


One feature of frustration in the South African economy is the listing of 107,000+ current job openings in Mid-February 2012 alongside a 23.9% Unemployment Rate for 4th QTR 2011 and holding stable. The national government planned creation of 5,000,000 jobs between 2010 and 2020 under President Jacon Zuma, but the goal seems thus far out of reach in 2012.

The national government reports 4,000,000 unemployed workers in South Africa and the listings of 107,000 or so jobs openings do not offer enough work for the masses. Almost 40 unemployed workers exist for every single job opening (ration 40 to 1). Many of the unemployed feel hopeless in attaining new work (see video below).

By February 2014, President Zuma reported 15,177,000 people working in the nation, with 653,000 jobs created in 2013.