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I know you have always dreamt of having a limo on your wedding day, but if you can absolutely live without it, or if you need to make a cut in your budget, here is where I am going to suggest you do it.

A limo will cost you around $600 for a minimum of four hours. Limousine companies have a minimum amount of time you must rent from them. In most states, drinking alcoholic beverages in a limousine is prohibited. Let's not forget that while you are in the church getting married, your limousine is sitting outside burning a hole in your pocket. Next you are whisked off to the reception. Once you arrive your money is now sitting at another curb for a few more hours while you are inside enjoying with family and friends.

If your going to rent a limo, use it wisely. Plan how you can best use those 4 hours. Otherwise it's not the best way to spend your money.

So what is the alternative? Did you know you can rent a Cadillac Escalade or Hummer H3 at one of your local car rental companies for less than a limo? And you get to keep it for the weekend! Depending on what time of year you're getting marrried, the cost will run around $159 per day. It seems like a no brainer.

Surprise your bridesmaids by picking them all up in a Hummer H3 and heading to the spa. Can you feel the excitement! Take your in-laws out to dinner in style. Need one more benefit? You can drop off most rentals at the airport while departing for your honeymoon. Be wise with your money so have it for all the things you deem are a must.

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