LeAnn Rimes Proves How Heartless She Really Is

Loony LeAnn Rimes took to her Twitter (shocking, huh?) again to belittle her fans and the mother of her stepsons. While visiting her fathers home, she posed on his tow truck, with the words from the rig, Wrecker, underneath her. Apparently, by warning people to have a good sense of humor about the photo, she feels shes exonerated herself from any culpability or guilt. Rimes seems to show signs of some kind of mental issue and has been accused of having a problem with diet pills, among other things. At the very least, shes guilty of having very poor judgment.

Rimes, 30, has lost favor with the public since she started a relationship with married father, Eddie Cibrian. Rimes immediately started being downright cruel to Eddies ex-wife and mother of his two sons, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville. Feisty Glanville has fought back from day one, but Rimes still wont stop, even years later. Professionals agree that by constantly attacking their bio-mom, the boys could suffer greatly as teens and adults. That clearly doesnt bother her.

 photo Rimes5150.jpg

LeAnn posted, DONT OPEN w/o A SENSE OF HUMOR My dad has a towing service, family business. She added the hashtag, have fun with the comments. It appears that Rimes deleted tons of responses to her tweet and photo. The photo may be cute to fans of hers, but like most of her vicious tweets, she doesnt think of the impact that it will have on her stepsons one day. They wont find humor in her making a joke out of the involvement she had in the destruction of their family. She went on to post several more photos of herself, Eddie and the two boys having what looks like a great time.

Photo credit: Twitter


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