Nutrition & Supplement :: Moderation Justifications by Deanna Bramble

Moderation Justifications by Deanna Bramble

Have you ever noticed that people tend to feel safe and secure when they follow the masses. Many desire to fit into society as it has already been designed. Bet you have heard of thinking outside the box? Everyone wants your money, and the food business is no different. Marketing is everywhere and the more a company can convince you that you will be sexy, be a real man, lose weight, or have good times consuming the product the revenues will spike.

There is a statement that does not make sense to me, and one I hear the most for justification to eat what we want. Many speak of eating in moderation. Or perhaps your friends say Everything in Moderation?

We can give ourselves disease at any rate we chose; we can line our organs with plaque at a fast or slow rate. Food is a natural chemical and our body responds accordingly. Would you moderate strychnine, or cocaine, or any other poison? While it is factual that a little of poison sometimes has less effect than a lot, eliminating it all together whenever possible is best.

It takes a very intelligent strong willed person to say no more to easy temptation, open to changing patterned lifestyle, and to tell their family they are making a change. Humans have preserved, fried, killed, packaged, baked, molded, aged, the heck out of anything resembling food, and then back up studies trying to prove why you should consume that product. Because a large government agency passes it as eatable does not mean it should pass your lips. But you say I work out and burn it off.....Can you seriously burn off the cholesterol, plaque, acidity, and animal fat right out of your blood stream and organs by exercise? You can choose the positive route and not add anymore to your body. Learn more about how to gain greater strength, more energy, look younger, all while avoiding disease at

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