Beware of Health Scams! This week's Quick Tips 4 U

Health Scams Dont Fall for Them

My friend Jolene has two graduate degrees. She teaches in a high school in Grand Rapids. When she developed severe arthritis she got very little results from her primary care Dr. Frustrated by pill taking and warnings about the various medicines, she consulted an alternative medicine guru recommended by a friend. Without going into detail, I can tell you she spent $$$$$$ and more $$$$$$ and still lives with arthritis. She is now on a pain medication with minimal side effects prescribed by her Dr.

She thought she was smart enough to know better than fall for a health scam.

Some warning signs we need to remind ourselves about are:

Its Natural

Just because a product is called natural does not mean it is safe.

Its So Easy! Dont believe promises like lose weight while you sleep. If it sounds too easy, it might be a scam.

Miracle Cure!

Generally, one pill will not treat or cure many different illnesses like cancer, diabetes, AIDS, or arthritis.

It Worked For Me

Personal success stories by real people or doctors are easy to make up.

Pay Now and Save

Dont feel pressured to buy. Take time to get the facts about the product first.

They Dont Want You To Know

Always feel free to ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist what is best for your health. Health Fraud Dont take the risk with your health or your money. You might see ads on TV or the Internet that make a lot of promises about a new health product. However, you dont know if it can really help you. It may even hurt you.

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