All About Your Bones

I am not writing this article to list my resume but surgery is my life. I have worked in Orthopaedic surgery, heart surgery, brain surgery, abdominal surgery to plastic surgery. I have been a surgical assistant to an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon in Columbia, Missouri for four years, then making a change in June of 2014.

I love working with bones. Bone doctors are amazingly intelligent, puzzle-solvers. They actually get an adrenaline rush when they piece a compound fracture back together perfectly, or when they help someone walk for the first time without pain. It is an outstanding field to work in, and I immediately fell in love with Orthopaedic care.

Bone doctors (layman terms) sometimes do not have the best bedside manners. It is often difficult for them to explain a procedure without using medical terminology. They are very logical thinkers, and although they know that most people might not have their intelligence, they do not know how to dumb something down in common terms. It has been my discovery that most of the surgeons I have dealt with, do not try to be super smarty pants, they just are and do not know how to be anything different.

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