What to Consider Before Starting by Jack Glisson

Kitchen Remodels: What to Consider before Starting

A kitchen remodel is an exciting proposition. There are many things to considerand franklyfun things to decide. Decisions have to be made about cabinets, countertops, appliances, a shiny new faucet and flooring to name a few. Unfortunately, like most home improvement projectsthere are some things to consider before starting your kitchen remodel.

Home is where the heart is has never been truer when talking about the kitchen. It is the central location of the home where everything happens. Cooking, eating, entertaining, laughing and hugging probably occur in the kitchen more so than any other room of the home. That is why it is so important to explore some things before delving into a kitchen remodel to assure that your kitchen is indeed; where the heart is.

Need vs. Want

You probably need a stove and microwave in your kitchenbut can you survive without a trash compactor? Deciding what are needs and what are wants before starting your project can help you predict a clear and reasonable price tag for your budget.

Sound Design

For your Kitchen remodelfind a design you love and stick with it. Costs can rise quickly if the plans change mid-remodel. Often a contractor can help you design and build the entire remodel project. Doing so can help ensure that both of you share the same vision for a beautiful and functional end result.


You probably have a lot of great ideas for your kitchen remodel, but how involved do you want to be? Acting as your own contractor can seem like a great way to exercise control over the projectbut does require a lot of work on your part. Your comfort level managing the day to day tasks of your kitchen remodel should dictate how much you would like to be involved.


Certainly obvious, but important to consider before getting your kitchen remodel started. Are you going to completely gut the kitchen? Replace just the cabinets? One of the more expensive remodels for your homeit can also drive the value of your home ultimately gaining a higher selling price if you choose to sell.

Temporary Kitchen

Are you a stay-at-home Mom? A jet setting single? Regardless of your personal family situationyour usual spot for preparing food is going to be taken over by work crews, or at the very least a single worker that needs you (mostly!) out of their way. Planning ahead for when the crew arrives can save you headache and hassle for how you and your family will eat while the kitchen remodel work is done.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Having a good relationship with your contractor goes farther than just dollars and cents. This person and their employees will be in your home daily. Your relationship with them can help your kitchen remodel turn into a dream come trueor become a nightmare. Good contractors are conscientious about communicating to you effectively so you are both on the same page as far as design, cost, and time-frame.

You Get What You Pay For

This adage is a good one to keep in mind when planning for your kitchen remodel. If your carpenter, cabinets, appliances or amazing looking light fixture are ridiculously cheap--It is probably because they are. Take the time to research your contractor, materials, fixtures and appliances. It is quite possible to get good value out of all these, but some research prior to getting started will give you a realistic expectation of what you will pay for the quality you desire.

This list is not designed to be comprehensivebut will give you some things to consider before undertaking such an exciting, valuable and fun project. Kitchens are truly the hearts of our homesand you want yours healthy and happy!


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