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In shocking news, a Bachelorette party car crash killed Collette Moreno not long before her wedding. On Tuesday, NY Daily News shared the news about what happened. Their car ended up crashing on the way to the big Bachelorette party and it killed the bride-to-be. They crashed on the crest of a hill while trying to pass another vehicle.

Collette Moreno


Collette Moreno was traveling on Lake of the Ozarks on Missouri Highway 5. She was with her best friend since the 7th grade and they were listening to Taylor Swift. The girls had plans for a great time before Moreno went and tied the knot. The girls were stuck behind a big truck and the fumes from it were bothering Moreno's asthma so they decided to pass it. That was the decision that ended up costing Collette her life. It was all in accident.

Her friend thought it was safe to go but didn't know about the hill coming up and they ended up hitting a 1999 Dodge Ram. Her friend Ashley Theobald was the one driving and ended up just fine besides a minor injury. The other driver also only had a minor injury but the crash took Collette Moreno's life just days before her big wedding. They were going to Jamaica to tie the knot and the wedding was supposed to happen on July 26. Her fiance proposed about a year ago.

Collette Moreno is leaving behind a son that is just 5-years-old and her fiance. Her mom says that it still feels like a bad dream. Gawker shared the news that her son doesn't quite understand what happened yet and it is going to take him a bit for it to all sink in on him and understand that his mom is not coming back again. This was just a bad accident and everyone is sad about her loss.

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