Topography of Chicago by Victoria Julee

Chicago is one of the major American cities which have developed over the past century. The American city is located on one the most complex positions described in words but when you simply consult a map then you can simply point it out where it is. This great American city resides in northeastern Illinois at the southwestern tip of Lake Michigan. It is considered unique as its one of the few cities which has been built on a continental divide; Chicago to be exact has a very unique position and is sited at the Chicago Portage, connecting the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes watersheds.

As far as the water body adjoining the city is concerned then it got the Lake Michigan and two American rivers, drawlingly the Chicago River which traces its path through downtown, named after the city and the Calumet River which runs through the financial district. The city is well connected even through it has been divided into three parts naturally. The rivers can also be crossed by bridges but huge freighters move across the city through these rivers. After the division of city the rivers also have served a historic purpose of developing the city into its modern form. Finally the city's climate is also controlled by these rivers.

During its early days the city only consisted of 58 blocks, which began from the mouth of the Chicago River. Further development of the city seemed a considerably easy task as the building was done on a flat land which was there in very large quantities. Natural flatness is a feature which helped developed this homogeneous city. The recording these physical aspects began from 1833. When comes the word for the number of physical features in the city then it wins the race as it has a few large parks which keep the city green and the lake shore divine which provides a large area of lake front. In order to satisfy all the residents and the large number of tourists the city and its adjoining area has a total number of 29 beaches. You name a social point for Americans and the city has it, whether they are convention centers, recreational islands, museums, commercial areas or residential areas The city has one of the largest landfills .

The city also got a few other names in its pocket such as Chicago Land. This is used by the promoters and writers to represent the city. History of Chicago land is very rich in literature and marketing sector, on a comical side there is definition for the Chicago Land as it is word which has developed on the tongue of common resident here, this would not be found in any official dictionary on the globe. The city has 4 counties where the city jurisdictions are followed. The most satirical aspect is the Chicago land is not an official name but the city's commercial sector is called Chicago land commercial center.

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