Martin Kirk “Light on Yoga Anatomy” Yoga Journal Conference 2010 - Denver yoga

With the help of his faithful skeleton pal Fred Astaire, Martin Kirk brought his passion for anatomy to students of his Light on Yoga Anatomy class. A self-professed anatomy geek, Martin clearly not only loves the framework of the body, but the practical application of that knowledge to the movements of yoga. Martin also provided students with a handout with fantastic 3-D images of the muscles and bones from his upcoming book Yoga Anatomy: The Biomechanics of Anusara Yoga, published by John Friend, due on the shelves Fall 2010. Martin is also the author of Hatha Yoga Illustrated (>90,000 copies sold in 5 languages around the planet!).

With enthusiasm and warm humor, Martin shared how the curve of the spine is the most important aspect as it determines how well each disc can perform, and do its job of absorbing the shock of our bodies in motion. Alternating between walking gracefully in alignment and clomping around with hips forward, shoulders slumped, Martin demonstrated the difference between these postures both physically and energetically.

Drawing from his 15+ years of Anusara Yoga training, Martin spoke on the importance of alignment; for example, regarding the scapula. The scapula (shoulder blade) can glide all over the back, but for true range of motion during yoga practice, the scapula must be held in place. For that students must use their muscles and some they may hardly ever use. It is the rhomboids that pull the scapula down and the wings tips of the shoulder blades together. In fact, the rhomboids are the only muscles that perform that function! And why is this a big deal? Because not having the scapula in place on the back will, over time, cause shoulder, elbow and wrist problems, especially for yogis who are moving these joints through their full range of motion on a regular basis. So it clearly pays to be an anatomy geek!

Martin Kirk: is a Certified Anusara yogaInstructor who discovered his love for yoga in 1993 while earning a MastersDegree in Biomedical Engineering. He met John Friend the next year and became a devoted student. Martin further studies closely with his philosophy mentor, Professor Douglas Brooks, one of the worlds foremost scholars of Hindu Tantrism and the esoteric traditions of the Goddess. He has transitioned from a successful 20-year career as an engineer in the space industry to teaching and sharing his passion for yoga full-time.

Martin will be back in Colorado November 19-21, 2010 in Boulder for Advanced Anatomy/ Therapy Training. To register call 303-818-6697 or click for more information.

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