Tennessee Construction Jobs by Silas Reed

Tennessee is a small state that spreads over 440 miles stretched across the eastern to the western side. Just like its population its geography is also diverse and is characterized by mountains, ridges, valleys, plateaus as well as plains. Its diversity in landscape makes space for ample amount of work in Tennessee construction. Tennessee construction employment is also a major source of income for many of its people. Tennessee construction work continues in full force almost throughout the year.

So if you are a resident of this state and are looking for Tennessee construction jobs then you are lucky because employment in Tennessee construction can come very easily your way. With a total population of 5,689,283 people, Tennessee construction jobs employ a large part of its work force which is quite a large amount considering that 75.4% of its population is above 18years of age and thus mostly in the category of working people. With 2,232,905 households in this state Tennessee has a developing construction industry that is sure to have a great job for you as well!

If you have some experience in construction work then you can apply for the post of Residential Superintendent because Local Custom Home Builder is in search for someone like you. With a lot of self motivation and talent you can work very well in this full time job that is being offered at Jackson. If you are looking for a job that does not demand too many qualifications then you may try as a Truck Driver at the Construction Dumps where you must engage in transportation of various construction materials for the Oldcastle Materials at Memphis. If you are in Knoxville or want to shift there with a Tennessee construction job then you may want to apply as a Construction Sales Engineer with the Eaton Corporation which is looking for the same for its electrical segment.

Roofing Contractors make a lot of money especially if the company is Conklin. All you are required to do is to provide them with the best kinds of roofing systems and you can expend your business overnight. The opening is located at Nashville and also in Memphis. Companies in Nashville are looking for Trim Carpenters who will work full time. If you have training and prior experience your job is easy along with proper transportation facilities as well.

If you are not really that qualified you could try as a Road Mechanic for heavy equipments as many openings of this kind are available at Nashville construction companies. If you have the qualification, the qualities and the experience required for a Senior Account Manager TVA then you must apply for this lucrative post that pays you up to $150 K p.a. the job is with GBR Smith Group that is well known for its work and the location is in Chattanooga.

So whether you are extremely qualified or not Tennessee construction jobs have a place for you. You can easily search online for a construction job at Tennessee because this geographically diverse state has many construction projects that are underway and which surely have numerous employment opportunities one of which is sure to suit your needs and your skills!


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