Kim Kardashian (Video) Chat about Weekend Bachelor Parties and Wedding Shower

Kim Kardashian chatted about her upcoming whirlwind weekend as the Las Vegas Bachelor parties and a bridal shower are to take place on Saturday. Can you imagine having two extravagant parties in one day? Is Kardashian a glutton for punishment or what?

Kris Humphries bachelor party will take place at Lavo in Las Vegas. He expects the Kardashian guys and his basketball friends to be at the party. He wont see Kim until Saturday, which is a big deal for this inseparable couple.

Kim Kardashian also mentioned that her sisters and best friends will be partying at Tao in Las Vegas. The bachelorette party is being planned by Kims married sister, Khloe Kardashian. Khloe has mentioned that her sister Kim is a stickler for details, so Khloe better have all her ducks in a row for this bachelorette party!

But before the party starts, Kris Jenner has another party planned for her daughter Kim. A wedding shower will take place on Saturday afternoon right before Kim-K heads off to Las Vegas to party the night away.

Could Kris have planned this shower a little better? Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Surely Kim Kardashian needs a little rest and relaxation for herself; dont you think?

Did the bride-to-be tell the world about her wedding date? Nope! Did Kardashian dish on her wedding dress? Nope! Rumors are flying that the special dress will be a Vera Wang specialty dress, but Kim-K kept quiet about the dress designer and her wedding date. She wants to keep all details of the wedding a secret.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian have been practicing their dance moves with Kims newly formed friend, Mark Ballas. Kardashian spoke for her fianc Kris by saying that he was excited to take more dance lessons. Seriously? Kris Humphries is a basketball star! Is he bending over backward to please Kim, or does he really want to take these dance lessons?

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