Undiagnosed back pain?

Back pain can be a physical, or "mechanical" if you will, condition; in which case, a medical professional is a wise choice. I submit: You may want to consider something else-- and it certainly couldn't hurt!

My wife has had pain from rheumatoid arthritis in multiple joints for half of her life. After numerous doctor visits, her pain persisted. She tried acupuncture-- and that DID help, some. But what she ultimately discovered was the psychosomatic, the dis-EASE she had been harboring. She was holding onto many emotionally generated "pains." Through meditation, she identified what these emotional stresses were; then found release through dancing. She also strives to do everything she can throughout each day with Joy; and finds she is actually doing MORE than before.

Look within you and see if you may be holding onto pains: someone hurt you, you lost someone, you feel under-appreciated-- whatever the situation may be. Then start a diary or journal, create something everyday, celebrate your healthy body, wrap any pain you may experience in the warm, loving Light that you were born with. Experience a sunset or sunrise, walk easily in nature, make promises to yourself that each day finds you whole and filled with joy. Breathe, meditate, seek quiet, open to Joy. Try envisioning your back muscles as "butter, gently melting under a beautiful sun." As you walk, think of a "magic thread" that runs from your pelvis up through the top of your head-- it lifts you, supports you, keeps you up as you walk or erect as you sit. Pay attention to tensions that may arise in your feet, your legs, your shoulders, your arms, or your neck; and allow them to unwind, release, open like a flower. Know that you don't have to have this message of pain.

These are suggestions. I am not a physician-- but I do care.


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