harga teleskop

Jual Teleskop senapan angin Bushnell 3-9x40eg dengan harga yang murah siap dikirim keseluruh indonesia. Jika anda sedang mencari teleskop senapan angin anda telah datang ketempat yang tepat. Teleskop senapan angin Bushnell 3-9x40eg akan membantu anda membidik hewan buruan anda sehingga bidikan anda akurat.

3-9X40EG ( Lampu Crosshair Merah dan Hijau)
– Zoom 3-9x
– Exit Pupil: 4.4mm-13.3mm
– Reticle model Rangefinder
– Diameter body 25mm
– Lensa Bersih tidak ada titik

– Panjang total 40 Cm
– Diameter lensa Depan 4.5 Cm
– Diameter Lensa Belakang 3.5 Cm

– 1 Tele Scope
– 2 Mounting
– Kunci L
– Tutup Lensa
– Dus dan Manual
– Lap


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That's the query many hunters ask themselves earlier than a big hunt. Do scopes assist the
common particular person? I feel that an affirmative answer ends that question. Are totally different scopes
made for different situations? The answer comes again yes again. Are there situations
the place scopes on a hunting rifle might be unwell advised? An affirmative response will answer
that question.

Scope manufacturers make an never-ending array of scopes . There are different lengths and
completely different powers. They vary in price from low dollar to very dear items. Why waste money
on a low dollar scope if the prospect of a lifetime is wasted due to poor optics. Cheap
optics have their share of problems. Poor image high quality and instability with regard to holding
a zero. Some low-cost scopes change their zero every time the rifle is discharged. The drive
of the recoil strikes things contained in the scope and the zero modifications with each round that's
fired in the rifle. Premium rifle scopes do not have the frequency of occurrences in this
regard as do cheaper scopes.

Scope energy ranges prolong from one energy on up to the varmint scopes that are very
highly effective in regard to magnification. Mounted energy scopes are an excellent selection as a result of the
shooter sees the identical energy magnification on every shot. The field of view in a scope is
diminished as magnification increases. Parallax turns into a problem in scopes with larger
magnification ranges. The bigger the objective lens the extra mild gathering capability of the
scope. A scope with an objective lens of 50 has extra light gathering capacity than a scope
with a forty energy objective.

Maintain the objective lens as small as attainable on searching rifles. Accuracy at totally different
distances improves with a scope that is mounted decrease and closer to the gun barrel. An
goal of about forty mm is about proper for common looking use. This scope takes in sufficient
mild to be efficient in looking conditions and is shut enough to the barrel to be useful. More info: http://www.tokostungun.com/.